Unlimited Data - What is it really?

Canada is, and has always been, WAY behind in the mobility game when it comes to device plans & offerings. For over 10 years, our neighbours to the south have had "Unlimited" data plans & offers that a Canadian could only ever dream of! This past week, it was a head-to-head battle of which Canadian provider would release the better plan in comparison to Rogers Unlimited Data option.

To the surprise of many, (and maybe because we have been so privy to what the US has for plans for so long), there wasn't as much excitement as expected.  Canadian's are tech smart and always know when things are too good to be true. Is "unlimited" really unlimited? Will they be paying any secret fees in the end? What's the cap? So. Many. Questions.

Obviously in response to Rogers plan, Bell & TELUS came out with competing offers. But what is the best route to go?

What does "Unlimited" mean?
Basically what is says - but with restrictions. Yes, you technically have unlimited data, just not at full speed capacity. So, if you are used to Youtube streaming on the go, downloading movies, or a hardcore gamer, once you hit the cap for LTE (generally 10-15GB plan depending), your speed will no longer be remotely as fast as before, but you still have data.

Why now?
Obviously we are still not up to par with the rest of the world in regards to cell plans but the biggest pain point with cell users is the overage they end up paying for data. Did you know that on average, Canadian uses more than 2GB per month? In 2017, Canadians spent over $1.3 BILLION in data overages.

You get more on the fastest LTE network! Once you hit the cap (which is unlikely for most), your speed will drop down to 512kbps. Both Rogers and Bell will throttle your uploads and downloads to 256 kbps. Remember dial-up? 256kbps is very similar, even though it claims you are still able to browse the internet & listen to music.

Why get an unlimited plan? 
#1 reason: you'll avoid the dreaded data overage fees! There are other plan out there to suit your needs if you aren't an extreme data user. If you have a phone to BYOD, now is the time to get the unlimited data package with TELUS that you've been waiting for!

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