Apple TV+ - the downfall of Netflix?

What is Apple TV+?

Unlike the original Apple TV which has revamped a few time in the past years, Apple TV+ is a service FOR your Apple TV.

With a star-studded line up to back this new product (including Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell and Jason Momoa) this may be the future of streaming. New exclusive content will pose a good position for the new streaming solution as it will force people to subscribe if they want to catch the latest episode of The Morning Show and other new releasing shows

The new app brings together a new way we will watch channels as they have made it into an à la carte option. That means if you want to watch HBO, you'll be able to pay for just that and not be roped into have 100 other channels you'll never watch. You'll also be able to discover shows, movies, sports, news and more in one app across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, smart TVs and streaming devices.

What does that mean for Netflix?

After it was announced on Monday, the internet went crazy. Will it be a downfall to Netflix? Will it actually create better content? The answer wont be known until the service actually releases but we know when Apple launches something, they rise to the top. It may not be the #1 streaming service, but it will definitely create competition for Netflix with their exclusive content.

As time goes on, Apple sales continue to grow. With this new growth, they need to stay on top of today's hottest trends and technology. Netflix still dominates the North American Market share at 51% while Amazon Prime Video slides in 2nd. The market share these 2 companies have established will be hard to knock out, but as we all know... an Apple lover is very dedicated person to the brand. Will they make the switch or add it as an addition?

When will it be out?

This wont be launched until the Fall but the buzz that it has already generated shows that it will take off. Along with the Apple TV+, they debuted all-new Apple TV App & Channels - those will be available on the current Apple TV's in May of this year.


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