2019: New You, New Phone?

Resolutions are set and you've committed to getting healthier & happier, but you've used up all your extra cash & cant afford a new phone. Well you're in luck! Here are some tips and tricks to give your existing device a new year freshen up!

Do All Updates
You've clicked that ignore button for a few months now. "Update Now"... ya I'll update later. Most of the time when you cave and do your updates, you dont seen a visual difference. This tends to lead us into the downward spiral of non-updates.

Updating your phone is not only necessary to keep it running smooth, but it also helps clean up the mess in the background that you dont see. Do your updates!

Delete Any Unused Apps
We get roped into downloading apps we think we will use throughout the year. If you haven't used the app in less than a month, chances are you probably never will. Delete any apps you dont use & free up some space! Not only will it give you some extra storage, but it will also clear up the clutter on your screens.

If you do have a ton of apps that you must keep, start grouping them by categories and making folders on your home screen. This will make it easier to find the apps you use all the time and group the ones you only use from time to time.

Backup any photos, files, or items you want to keep long term. Delete any old screen shots, blurry pictures, or anything that you just dont want to see anymore. Most devices now auto group pictures for you and ask if you would like to back them up to the cloud when they reach a certain amount. Take your phone up of the offer, and clear up some space!

Clear Cache
There are 100's of things we "Google" in a day, and most of the time we open a new browser without closing the last one. Take some time to clear open web tabs, clear cache and stored cookies. This will make your browser work faster, plus you wont have to scroll through 100's of tabs to find that one page you were looking for.

Change Up Your Look
Update your look with a new case & fresh screen protector. You use your phone more than anything else these days. Why not freshen up your look with a new case to match your "New Year Style". While you're at it, get a new screen protector - chipped and cracker screens are so last year ;)

Spice Up Pics
Change your home & lock screen. You look at the same pictures every day - it gets boring. What was a great memory of the past year? Family pics? Your Pet? What about an upcoming trip?

On average, you look at your phone at least 85 time in one day. Switch up your view with a new picture on your home & lock screen. Brighten your day every time you open your phone with something you love to see!

Clean it!
Your phone touches more than we realize. Counters, hands, bags, pockets, your face, and so much more. How often do you actually CLEAN it? Probably not very often.. gross! Whoosh is a great cleaner designed to disinfect your germs & keep your device protected. Even just a good ol' wipe down with a Lysol wipe helps too!

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Happy New Year!


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