Missed the Unpacked Event? We Got You.

Yesterday, August 9th, Samsung held a massive event in New York to launch their much anticipated new Note. Even with some previously leaked images online, the event still managed to surprise techies that were watching. 

We have broken down all new products so you don't have to sit through all of the "hoopla" and dramatics of the release.

Galaxy Note 9

Though it may look the same, the new Note 9 is extremely powerful. The basics;  a 6.4-inch device, Android 8.1, and a 4,000mAh battery inside. 

The S Pen is where it's at. With bluetooth capabilities, you can do more than you ever could before. Take pictures from a distance, control you presentations, and so much more.

Image result for note 9 colours

Colours. Beautiful new colours will be available including blue, black, lilac, & a coppery orange. 

The last thing is the memory. You can turn this bad boy into a 1TB (yes you read that right) with Samsung's new 512GB SD card. The phone itself goes up to 512GB with the expandable storage, you can get that 1TB of space you have been dreaming of!

Pre-order is available now.

Galaxy Home

Um... well this is the newest & oddest looking smart home speaker. At at weirdly large size, this new smart home gadget is more of a conversation piece to say the least.

During the event, they played dramatic music which was then revealed it was actually 160 Galaxy Home speakers that they were hearing. Operated by Bixby, this speaker includes a microphone, 6 built-in speakers, and a subwoofer. Although there were no indications of a release date or price, we can guess we will see them by the holidays.  

Image result for galaxy home

Galaxy Smart Watch

All we can say is watch out Apple - these are BEAUTIFUL! 

Though they may make a slight dent in your wallet, the watches pack a serious punch. Claiming to offer incredible battery life, Gorilla glass, and high-resolution AMOLED touch display, these are a serious competitor for the Apple Watch.

These will be available in 3 colours & 2 sizes with hundreds of faces from you to choose from the app store. 


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